I want to thank you for making our special day spectacular.  I loved, loved, loved the hair and makeup and couldn’t have been happier. You also made me feel incredibly comfortable when I was very nervous and I really enjoyed talking to you! Theresa Coghlan, Bride

"I wanted to send you a quick note and tell you how great I think you are. You did an amazing job and I just love your personality. I hope to work with you soon both personally and professionally...Thanks again!!!!!" Saralee Franchi, Event Coordinator at XOXO Bride

"Naz from Makeup by Naz is an extremely talented makeup artist! She got every single lady in the wedding looking amazing in the short amount of time she was given. Her prices are not the cheapest around, but her work is amazing and definitely more than worth the money. I absolutely recommend Makeup by Naz, you will NOT be disappointed!"-Jamie Ramirez, Bride

 "Naz is absolutely amazing! She was recommended to me, and unfortunately I did not have a time to do a trial run with her before the wedding.  I met with her briefly and knew immediately that I was in good hands.  She carefully listened to what I wanted and made her own helpful recommendations.  On the big day she showed up looking very professional and stylish (which was great for my pictures).  She was such a pleasure to have in my bridal suite as she was sweet and calm.  She did my friend's make up first, and my friend looked amazing.  Next it was my turn.  I was anxiously waiting as she finished up because there was no mirror in front of me (blame it on the particular bridal suite I was in)so I couldn't see what was going on. When she was done and handed me the mirror I was ecstatic!!!! I'm generally not one to brag, but I felt like I looked absolutely stunning.  I was beyond pleased.  The best part was that because Naz does make up for photo shoots my pictures came out amazing!!! She is one talented girl.  She also did my mom's make up and my mom looked fantastic!  At the end of the night, after all the sweating and dancing, my make up still looked great.  I not only recommend Naz, I strongly encourage any bride worried about how she is going to look on the big day to hire Naz." Pante-a, Bride

"I was introduced to Naz and she did my pre-wedding beach photos. Everyone  was astouned at how fabulous my makeup looked without hardly any on…she did even a better job at my wedding! Flawless! "- Gity Supervizor, Bride

What Did You Say?

Beautiful, perfect, amazing at her craft. She will look at your face and know what will work and what won't. I love seeing Naz work her magic, either doing a dramatic or a natural.  Naz is also really easy to work with, she is extremely kind and funny while doing the makeup and I very much like her business style: very detail oriented and organized. I highly recommend Naz to all my clients, friends and family." - Mario Masche, Photographer

"Working with Naz is constantly knowing everything will be okay. She is amazingly well atuned to what you have to say and adapts her method quickly to create quality work all of the time."- Phen Mas, Photograher

"Naz always performs exeptionally...I would trust her expertise with any project.  She creates a flawless look everytime; she is my only choice for my photography's makeup!" - JTori Photography

"Working with Naz is so easy! You can just say 'Can you make the model look fantastic?' - that's it.  Naz is super sweet and professional, she knows her art incredibly well.  She knows the difference between make-up for weddings, events and photo shoots, which is a whole different story."- Dmitry Rogozhin, Photographer

“Naz is an obvious professional, as supported by her body of work. What is not so obvious is her presence on set. She is an absolute joy to work with and cares as much about making the end result a success as we do. So many pro makeup artists bring 1% talent and 99% attitude. With Naz you get 100% talent. No fuss, just great work from a great person.”  Justin Quan, President Moonlight Feather, Inc

"Naz is an amazing make up artist. She knows how to make a dramatic change and also know how to do a natural look.  She is truly an "artist".  Naz is always on top of my list when my clients or I are in need of a make up artist." Golnoosh Pak, Owner at Events by Goli

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